Wood Care

Each work we create is carefully crafted to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Wood is a natural material, and will age and change with time. With some care, it should last for generations. The guidelines that follow, along with your own common sense, should help preserve this piece of art.

Gallery Finish

Our Gallery Finish can be one of several high quality finishes. These are chosen for compatibility with the particular wood and the degree of sheen desired. These are applied in several coats, and hand-buffed to a glorious glow.


  • Never use for unwrapped food items.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Do not fill with water or other liquids.
  • Liquids will alter the appearance of the wood, and may damage the finish.


Dust regularly. If the finish looks “dry”, apply a fine-quality furniture polish or wax according to the manufacturers directions.

Compatible finishes

We recommend “Rennaisance Wax”, which is available from most woodworking supply shops.

Food Safe Finish

This is a deep-penetrating oil and resin mix, which is FDA certified to be food-safe. We apply several coats and then buff to a soft glow. It should be safe for any type of food use. Some staining of the wood may occur with liquids.


Wash with water and a mild dish soap as needed. Wipe dry immediately. As desired, apply oil liberally, let sit a few moments, then wipe off excess oil. Never wash in dishwasher.

Compatible finishes

We recommend “Tried and True Danish Oil” or “Town Talk Orange Wax”, which are available from most woodworking supply shops. You can also use food-grade flax (linseed) oil available at most health food stores. There are a number of good salad-bowl finishes available; avoid any that contain petroleum products.

“Dry-food Safe” Finish

These finishes should be safe for most dry foods, such as whole fruit, candies, chips, or similar uses. Liquids and wet foods will affect the finish, and may permanently stain the wood.


Wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. If using the item for food, use a food-safe polish as listed above.

If you have any questions regarding care your item, please email: info@StandingPeopleDesigns.com