Standing People Designs offers a full line of scale miniature wood turnings for dedicated doll-house collectors and miniaturists. Most of our work is done in 1″ or 1:12 scale. Many of our smaller pots will work quite nicely in a 1/2″ (1:24) environment. We recently introduced our “micro” line, with turned pots and vases that will fit in your 1/$” (1:48) rooms! Each piece is unique because it was created by hand by the Bear or Alisa.

Materials are carefully chosen for these small works. Woods are selected for their beauty, the fineness of their grain, and their ability to be worked in small scale. Many exotic and rare woods, such as African pink ivory, African blackwood, kingwood, and ebony, are used to create these fine works of art. We also use other materials, including various palm nuts (“vegetable” ivory), synthetic ivory, and acrylics.

We believe that wood is a gift from the tree, and should be used without waste and to maximize its beauty. Each wood species has its own characteristics of color, grain, luster, and density. In addition, each tree grew slightly differently, subject to the changes of light, water, and soil. The challenge of turning is creating consistently beautiful forms from such a variable substance. Miniature turnings allow Bear to create beautiful shapes from woods and materials that would be prohibitively expensive if turned in full-size forms.

Our vases and pots are fully hollowed, with wall thickness between 1/16″ (1.5mm) and 1/8″ (3mm) throughout. Careful technique and special tools are required to hollow these forms through the very small opening at the top, considering that the artist cannot see the tool and what it is cutting. We use quality finishes to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

We use the same methods and attention to detail in the creation of our miniatures that we use in our full-size pieces. Inspiration for our shapes and forms is drawn from a wide range of sources, including classical and modern turnings, pottery, and glasswork. We strive to create miniature turnings that are indistinguishable from full-size pieces on close-up view.

Carved Vessel

We care as much about our turnings as you do about your homes. We strive to create miniatures that you will be proud to show in your homes and that will last for generations.